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Sádlo, Milos
b 13.04.1912

C - 1750 Gagliano



Salerno-Sonnenberg, Nadja
b ??.??.????

V General Kyd 1714 Strad., A.



Sammons, Albert
b 23.02.1886 London
d 24.08.1957 London
V - ? Guadagnini
V - ? Strad., A.
V - 1696 Goffriller
V ex Sammons 1704 Strad., A.



Sarasate, Pablo de
b 10.03.1844 Pamplona
d 20.09.1908 Biarritz
V Boissier 1713 Strad., A.
V David 1742 Guarn. d. G.
V ex Sarasate 1724 Strad., A.
V ex Sarasate 1724 Strad., A.

Originally Martín Melitón Sarasate his name was modified in 1878 to Pablo Martín Melitón Sarasate.

The Boissier was a gift from the Queen Isabella. He bequeathed his favourite instrument, the ex Sarasate, to the Paris Conservatoire.
Paris, Alain:  Klassische Musik im 20. Jahrhundert[120] p 692; Schweizer, Klaus/Werner-Jensen, Arnold:  Reclams Konzertführer[151]; Iberni, Luis G.:   Pablo Sarasate[83]

  • Courtier, José - Compostela
  • Alvarez, Blas - La Coruna
  • Sáez, M. R. - Madrid
  • Rodríguez, Manuel - Madrid
  • Alard, Delphin - Paris Conservatoire
Dedicated works:
  • Auer, Leopold: Rhapsodie hongroise op. 5 (Vn/P)
  • Bernard, Emile: Concerte op. 29 (Vn/Orch)
  • Bruch, Max: Concerto No. 2 (Vn/Orch)
  • Bruch, Max: Schottische Phantasie op. 46 (Vn/Orch)
  • D`Ambrosio, A.: Mazurka op. 11 (Vn/orch.)
  • De Bériot, Charles Auguste: Trio op. 51 (Vn/Vc/P)
  • Diémer, Louis: Sonate for Viol. and Piano op. 2
  • Duvernoy, Alphonse: Deux Pieces for Viol. and Piano op. 19
  • Dvorak, Antonin: Mazurek, op. 49 (Vn/Orch)
  • Fernández Arbós, Enrique: Tango op. 2 (Vn/Orch)
  • Fischhof, Robert: Sonate op. 47 (Vn/P)
  • Gegar, Friedrich: Walzer op. 14 (Vn/P)
  • Goldmark, Karl: Trio op. 33 (Vn/Vc/P)
  • Gros, Aimé: Allegro de Concert (Vn/P)
  • Guiraud, Ernst: Caprice (Vn/P)
  • Henschel, Sir George: Ballade op. 39 (Vn/Orch)
  • Hermann, Friedrich: One of the Sept études caractéristiques pour le violon op. 150 (Vn/P)
  • Hubay, Jeno: Hullamzo Balaton op. 31 (Vn/P)
  • Joachim, Joseph: Variationen for Violin and Orchestra (Vn/Orch)
  • Laló, Edouard: Symphonie Espagnole op. 21 (Vn/Orch)
  • Laló, Edouard: Violin Concerto in f minor (Vn/Orch)
  • Laló, Edouard: Fantasie norvégienne (Vn/Orch)
  • Laló, Edouard: Fantasie - ballet (de Naumouna) (Vn/Orch)
  • Lederer, Dezso: Deux poémes hongrois op. 16 (Vn/P)
  • Luigini, Alexandre: Romance (Vn/P)
  • Mackenzie, Alexander: Violin concerto op. 32 (Vn/Orch)
  • Mackenzie, Alexander: Pibroch (Vn/P)
  • Paderewski, Jan Ignaz: Sonata op. 13 (Vn/P)
  • Pirani, Eugenio: Caprice op. 50 (Vn/Orch)
  • Reinhardt, Heinrich: Ballade und Spanischer Tanz op. 68 (Vn/P)
  • Rentsch, Ernst: Marche de Rakoczy de Liszt (Vn/P)
  • Reinecke, Carl: Suite op. 153 (Vn/P)
  • Saint George, G.: Caprice espagnol op.32 (Vn/P)
  • Saint-Saëns, Camille: Violin Concerto No. 1 A Major, op. 20
  • Saint-Saëns, Camille: Violin Concerto No. 2 C Major, op. 58
  • Saint-Saëns, Camille: Violin Concerto No. 3 h minor, op. 61
  • Saint-Saëns, Camille: Introduction et rondo capriccioso op. 28 (Vn/Orch)
  • Sauret, Emile: Deux morceaux op. 60 (Vn/P)
  • Villa, Ricardo: Fantasía sobre motivos asturianos (Vn/Orch)
  • Wieniawski, Henryk: Violin Concerto No. 2 d minor, op. 22
  • Wilhelmj, August: All`ungherese nach F. Liszt (Vn/Orch)
  • Zarzycki, Alexandre: Mazourka op. 26 (Vn/P)
  • Zarzycki, Alexandre: Mazourka op. 39 (Vn/P)

Sarbu, Eugene
b 1950 Pietrari

V - 1756 Balestrieri, T.
V ex Innes,Loder 1729 Strad., A.

Sarbu on his instruments: 'Players have always been attracted to their instruments - to the point of passion. I have also caught this "virus" and I love violins. Everything about them fascinates me: shape, varnish, elegeance of their heads, or the lack of it. Then there is that great mistery: the sound, and one never ceases to be amazed at the miraculous difference between one instrument and another. Every violin has its own personality yet it will sound different according to the individual player.' Campbell, Margaret:  Torchbearer for Romania[23]


Sato, Shunsuke
b 10.06.1984 Tokyo

V King Maximilian Joseph c1702 Strad., A.
V - c1600 Maggini, Giovanni Paolo
V - 1692 Strad., A.
V Wilhelmj 1725 Strad., A.

The King Maximilian Joseph and the Maggini instrument were loaned to Sato through the Stradivari Society in Chicago, the 1692 Strad through the Julliard collection.
Sato plays the Wilhelmj 1725 Strad on loan of the Nippon Music Foundation.
Nippon Music Foundation:  Loaning/Recipients of Stringed Instruments[116]; Sato, Shunsuke:  eMail to José Sánchez-Penzo dated April 16, 2004 (unpublished).[149]

  • Kim, Dr. Chin
  • DeLay Dorothy - Julliard School
  • Kawasaki, Masao - Julliard School
  • Laredo, Jaime - Curtis Institute of Music in Philadelphia
  • Poulet, Gerard

Sauzey, Eugčne
b 14.07.1809 Paris
d 24.01.1901 Paris

Flesch, Carl:  Erinnerungen eines Geigers[55], Holoman, D. Kern:  Appendices to accompany  <b><em>The Société des Concerts du Conservatoire</em></b><br>  (1828-1967) </a>[81]


  • Flesch, Carl - Paris Conservatoire

Schafran, Daniel
b 13.11.1923 Petrograd

C - 1630 Amati



Schiff, Heinrich
b 18.11.1952 Gmunden

C - 1698 Strad., A.
C Mara 1711 Strad., A.

Paris, Alain:  Klassische Musik im 20. Jahrhundert[120] p. 701

  • Hochschule für Musik, Vienna
  • Kühne, Tobias
  • Navarra, André


  • Vogler, Jan

Schmid, Benjamin
b ??.??.1968 Vienna

V ex Brustlein 1707 Strad., A.

Schmid plays on the 'Brustlein' Strad on loan of the Austrian National Bank.

Paris, Alain:  Klassische Musik im 20. Jahrhundert[120] p 709; RB Artists:    Benjamin Schmid[133]


Schneiderhan, Wolfgang
b 28.05.1915 Vienna

V ex Liebig 1704 Strad., A.

Schneiderhan married 1948 the sopran Irmgard Seefried. The works by Henze and Martin are dedicated to both. Paris, Alain:  Klassische Musik im 20. Jahrhundert[120] p 709

Dedicated works:
  • Henze, Hans Werner:Ariosi (1964)
  • Martin, Frank:Maria Triptychon (1968)

Schröder, Jaap
b 31.12.1925 Amsterdam

V - 1665 Stainer, J.



Schwalbé, Michel
b 27.10.1919 Radom


Schwalbé, for a long time (1957 - 1984) concertmaster of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, played the King Maximilian on loan of the Axel-Springer-Stiftung Berlin to whom he returned the instrument after his retirement. Paris, Alain:  Klassische Musik im 20. Jahrhundert[120]; Eckardt, Emanuel:  Stradivari  - Viviane Hagner und ihre Partnerin[50]


Scotta, Frida
b 31.03.1871 Copenhagen
d 29.04.1948 Ohlstadt, Germany
V ex Scotta-Kaulbach 1709 Strad., A.

Ms. Scotta was born as Frida Schytte but used the name Scotta in her profession. She married Fritz August von Kaulbach 1897. Grünberg, Max:  Meister der Violine[65]; Dansk Kvindebiografisk Leksikon  Bind 3[32]


Servais, Adrien Francois
b ??.??.1807
d ??.??.1866
C Servais 1701 Strad., A.



Shaham, Gil
b 19.02.1971

V - ? Guadagnini
V Countess Polignac 1699 Strad., A.

On the Countess Polignac Shaham says: 'I had always thought of myself as a 'del Gesú' player. But then I found this fiddle. I think it's the most powerful Strad I've played on, because it'll take anything.' Bein & Fushi initially loaned him this instrument. Later, as the owner wanted to sell it, he acquired it. 'It has been a long love affair with this fiddle. After five years I feel I'm just learning how to play it. The Strad 1996[172] p 119


Shiokawa, Yuko
b 01.06.1946 Tokyo

V Emperor ex Gillot 1715 Strad., A.

Yuko Shiokawa is the wife of pianist Andras Schiff. The Emperor ex Gillot was lent to Yuko Shiokawa by conductor Rafael Kubelik, which is a son of Jan Kubelik. Roeseler, Albrecht:  Große Geiger unseres Jahrhunderts[139] p 340


Shumsky, Oscar
b 23.03.1917 Philadelphia

V Duke of Cambridge 1715 Strad., A.



Sitkovetsky, Dmitry
b 27.09.1954 Baku

V ex Reiffenberg 1717 Strad., A.

On the ex Reiffenberg 1717 Strad he says: 'I'm lucky to have it and I was lucky to buy it at the time when one could still afford to buy these instruments. It has a tremendous projection and also it really speaks. It has a tremendous amount of overtones that make it carry. Also it's very sturdy and is in good state of preservation...'
Duchen, Jessica:  Fiddler on the hoof[45]Paris, Alain:  Klassische Musik im 20. Jahrhundert[120] p 739

  • Jankelewitsch, Jurij - Moscow
  • Besrodny, Igor - Moscow
  • Andrassian, Josef - Moscow
  • Galamian, Ivan - Julliard School of Music in New York

Sivó, Josef
b 26.11.1931 Arad

V - 1694 Guarneri, Pietro



Soldat-Roeger, Marie
b 25.03.1864 Graz
d 30.09.1955 Graz
V - 1742 Guarn. d. G.
V ex Soldat-Roeger 1742 Guarn. d. G.

The Guarneri del Gesů dated 1742 was lent to Ms. Soldat-Roeger by the Wittgenstein family, who also sponsored the string quartet, she founded with Elsa von Plank on second violin, Mahler's friend Natalie Bauer-Lechner on viola and Leontine Gärtner on cello. Potter, Tully:  Brahm's understudy - Violinist Marie Soldat-Roeger[125]


Spalding, Albert
b 15.08.1888 Chicago
d 26.05.1953 New York
V - 1732 Strad., A.



St. John, Scott
b ??.??.1969 London, Canada

V Fite,Windsor 1717 Strad., A.
V ex Scotta-Kaulbach 1709 Strad., A.



Stadler, Sergej
b 20.05.1962 Leningrad

V - 1712 Strad., A.

Stadler's Stradivarius dated 1712 was for 16 years one of David Oistrakh's prefered instruments.


Starker, Janos
b 05.07.1924 Budapest

C - 1705 Goffriller
C ex Aylesford 1696 Strad., A.
C Nova 1707 Guarneri



Stern, Isaac
b 21.07.1920 Kremenetz
d 22.09.2001 New York
V ex Panette 1737 Guarn. d. G.
V Ysaye 1740 Guarn. d. G.


Dedicated works:
  • Dutilleux, Henri: Violinconcerto L"arbre des songes
  • Penderecki, Krzysztof: Concerto for Violin and Orchestra (1977)

Stilz, Manfred
b 13.09.1946 Saarbrücken

C - 1810 Ventapane, Lorenzo



Suggia, Guilhermina
b ??.??.1888 ?
d ??.??.1950
C Suggia 1717 Strad., A.



Suk, Josef
b 08.08.1929 Prag

V Duc de Camposelice 1710 Strad., A.
V ex Hill 1841 Guadagnini
V Libon 1729 Strad., A.
V Prinz von Oranje ? Guarn. d. G.
V Suk 1683 Strad., A.



Székely, Zoltán
b 08.12.1903 Kocs



Dedicated works:
  • Bartok, Bela:Concerto for Violin and Orch. No. 2

Szeryng, Henryk
b 22.09.1918 Zelazowa Wola
d 03.03.1988 Kassel
V - ? Strad., A.
V - 1752 Guadagnini
V King David 1734 Strad., A.
V Leduc 1743 Guarn. d. G.
V Sanctae Theresiae 1685 Guarneri

Zelazowa Wola, near by Warsaw, is also Frédéric Chopin's birth place.
Szeryng was a quite uncommon character. He spoke fluently seven languages. During the WW II he was the official translator of General Sikorski's Polish Exile Government in London and gave hundreds of concerts for the Allied Forces. Paris, Alain:  Klassische Musik im 20. Jahrhundert[120] p 774; Roeseler, Albrecht:  Große Geiger unseres Jahrhunderts[139] p 222; Krakenberger, John:    Henryk Szeryng, violinist[87]

  • Flesch, Carl - Berlin (1929 - 1932)
  • Thibaud, Jacques - Paris (1932 - 1937)
  • Heß, Willy - Berlin
  • Bouillon, Gabriel - Paris Conservatoire
  • Boulanger, Nadia - Paris Conservatoire

Szigeti, Joseph
b 05.09.1892 Budapest
d 19.02.1973 Luzern
V - ? Guarneri

Paris, Alain:  Klassische Musik im 20. Jahrhundert[120] p 775

  • Hubay, Jeno - Budapest
Dedicated works:
  • Bartók, Béla: Rhapsodies No. 1
  • Bartók, Béla: "Contrasts"
  • Bloch, Ernest: Violin Concerto No. 1
  • Bloch, Ernest: "La Nuit exotique"
  • Casella, Alfredo: Violin Concerto
  • Hamilton Harty, Herbert: Violin Concerto
  • Prokofjew, Sergei: "Melody" op. 35, No. 1
  • Rawsthorne, Alan: Sonata for Violin
  • Ysaye, Eugéne: Sonata op. 27, No. 1


Takezawa, Kyoko
b ??.??.1966 Nagano

V Hammer 1707 Strad., A.
V Ruby 1708 Strad., A.

Ms. Takezawa used the Ruby for 2 years, later the Hammer both on loan through the Stradivari Society, Chicago. Stradivari Society:  The Stradivari Society[165]


Tertis, Lionel
b 29.12.1876 West Hartlepool
d 22.02.1975 Wimbledon
Va - ? Montagnana, Domenico
Va - ? Tertis, Lionel

Tertis prefered quite big instruments. He ordered his own viola "Tertis-Model", which has a length of 43 cm.


Tetzlaff, Christian
b 29.04.1966 Hamburg

V ? 1713 Strad., A.

Paris, Alain:  Klassische Musik im 20. Jahrhundert[120] p 787

  • Haiberg, Uwe-Martin - Musikhochschule Lübeck

Thibaud, Jacques
b 27.09.1880 Bordeaux
d 01.09.1953 Basses Alpes
V ex Berou, ex Thibaud 1714 Strad., A.
V Thibaud 1709 Strad., A.

Thibaud died in an airplane crash 1953. His instrument, the Strad dated 1709, was destroyed in this accident. Paris, Alain:  Lexikon der Interpreten klassischer Musik im 20. Jahrhundert[119], p 729 and Henley, William:  Antonio Stradivari - His Life and Instruments[74], p 50


Totenberg, Roman
b 01.01.1913 Lodz

V - ? Guarn. d. G.
V Ames 1734 Strad., A.

^Roman Totenberg played the Ames at a London Festival Hall concert on February 28, 1961, performing Tchaikovsky's Violin Concerto in D with the London Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Sir Malcolm Sargent. In the early 1980s the Ames was stolen after a concert and has never been recovered. Henley, William:  Antonio Stradivari - His Life and Instruments[74] p 85; Flesch, Carl:  Erinnerungen eines Geigers[55]; Lafer, Oscar:  eMail to José Sánchez-Penzo dated Juli 12, 2002 (unpublished).[93].

  • Flesch, Carl


  • Wang, Mira
  • Lafer, Oscar

Tua, Teresina
b ??.??.1866
d ??.??.1956
V - 1667 Amati, A. & G.
V ex Ludwig Mond, ex Tua 1709 Strad., A.
V ex Rivals Mazere di Toulouse 1708 Strad., A.



Ughi, Uto
b 21.01.1944 Busto Arsizio

V General Kyd 1714 Strad., A.


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