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Paganini Quartet
b --.--.---- -
d --.--.---- -
V - 1680 Strad., A.
V - 1727 Strad., A.
Va - 1731 Strad., A.
C - 1736 Strad., A.

These instruments were made by A. Stradivari and once posessed by Paganini. Later they have been posessed by Nihon Ongaku Zaidan and now lent to Tokyo String Quartet. The Ongakugendai:  The Ongakugendai April 1996[169]


Paganini, Nicolo
b 27.10.1782 Genoa
d 27.05.1840 Nice
V Amatese 1668 Strad., A.
V Cannone 1742 Guarn. d. G.
V Dessaint 1629 Strad., A.
V Paganini 1724 Strad., A.
Va Paganini 1731 Strad., A.
C Paganini 1736 Strad., A.
V ex Sarasate 1724 Strad., A.
C Stanlein 1707 Strad., A.

'I heard an angel sing in the Agadio' said Robert Schumann after hearing Paganini. About the 1724 violin Paganini said: 'This violin has a tone as big as a double bass, never will I sell it as long as I live.' Modi, Sorab:  The Still Point of the Turning World[105]


Palm, Siegfried
b 25.04.1927 Wuppertal

C - 1708 Battista-G., G.



Parisot, Aldo
b 30.09.1920 Natal (Bra)

C De Munck 1730 Strad., A.



Parlow, Kathleen
b 20.09.1890 Calgary, Alberta
d 19.08.1963 Oakville (near Toronto)
V Kathleen Parlow 1735 Guarn. d. G.

Kathleen Parlow was the first foreigner accepted to study in the St. Petersburg Conservatory (1906). National Library of Canada:   The Virtual Gramophone - Kathleen Parlow[110]; Homzy, Andrew:  eMail to José Sánchez-Penzo dated January 4, 2002 (unpublished).[82]

  • Coward, Conrad
  • Holms, Henry - San Francisco
  • Auer, Leopold - St. Petersburg Conservatory

Parnas, Leslie
b 22.11.1931 Saint Louis

C Rosette 1698 Goffriller



Pasquier, Bruno
b 10.12.1943 Neuilly-sur-Seine

Va - ~1600 Maggini



Pasquier, Régis
b 10.10.1945 Fontainebleau

V - ? Strad., A.
V - ? Montagnana, Domenico
V - ? Montagnana, Domenico



Patipatanakoon, Annalee
b 06.08.1966

V Fite,Windsor 1717 Strad., A.

Ms. Patipatanakoon is laureate of Belgium's Queen Elisabeth International Violin Competition in 1989. Depas, Mireille:  Mails from Mireille Depas, Belgium, dated 05., 06. and 10.05.2002 (unpublished)[34]

  • Elson, Lise
  • Rosand, Aaron
  • Gulli, Franco
  • Fried, Miriam

Pauk, György
b 26.10.1936 Budapest

V - 1714 Strad., A.



Peinemann, Edith
b 03.03.1939 Mainz

V - ???? Guarneri, Pietro
V - ???? Bergonzi, Nicolň
V - 1732 Guarn. d. G.

On her Guarneri del Gesů Peinemann says: '... It's 1732, which I always remember because the clock on the Frauenkirche in Zurich has the same date. I use it exclusively because it's such a fantastic violin. It has a wonderful D string - it's so even across the strings. It's good for everything.'

Aged 19 Peinemann won the first prize at the ARD international competence of the German Radio in Munich. She is recipient of the 'Plaquette Eugčne Ysaye 1858 - 1958' previously awarded only to Oistrakh, Kogan and Grumiaux. In 1976 she was appointed as professor at the Musikhochschule Frankfurt to give master classes. From 1995 until 2000 she taught in Lucerne.

Potter, Tully:  Szell's prodigy[130]; Paris, Alain:  Klassische Musik im 20. Jahrhundert[120] p 593

  • Peinemann, Robert (her father)
  • Stanske, Heinz - Heidelberg (1951 - 53)
  • Rostal, Max - London (1953 - 56)


  • Dimitrova, Ina - Winner of the Kulemkampff Competition
  • Machida, Kotowa - Member of the Philharmonic Orchestra Berlin
  • Zack, Herwig - Professor for Violin and Chamber Music at the Hochschule für Musik in Würzburg

Perényi, Miklós
b 05.01.1948 Budapest

C - 1730 Gagliano



Perlman, Itzhak
b 31.08.1945 Tel Aviv

V General Kyd 1714 Strad., A.
V ex Sauret 1740 Guarn. d. G.
V Sinsheimer 1721 Strad., A.
V Soil 1714 Strad., A.

Perlman got his second Stradivarius the Soil 1986. He no longer owns the General Kyd, which was also owned by Sinsheimer.


Piatigorsky, Gregor
b 04.04.1903 Jekaterinoslaw
d 06.08.1976 Los Angeles
C - 1670 Amati, Nicolá
C Batta 1714 Strad., A.
C Baudiot 1725 Strad., A.



Pidoux, Roland
b 29.10.1946 Paris

C - 1692 Strad., A.



Pigott, S. J.
b ??.??.????

C Piatti 1720 Strad., A.



Poulet, Gérard
b 12.08.1938 Bayonne

V - ? Strad., A.

Paris, Alain:  Klassische Musik im 20. Jahrhundert[120] p


Pré, Jacqueline du
b 26.01.1945 Oxford
d 19.10.1987 London
C - ? Goffriller, Francesco
C - ? Peresson, S.

Sergio Peresson, Philadelphia (USA), is a modern instrument maker. He died 1991.

Dedicated works:
  • Goehr, Alexander:Romance

Primrose, Wiliam
b 23.08.1903 Glasgow
d 01.05.1982 Provo
Va - 1600 Amati
Va - 1697 Guarn., Guiseppe f. A.



Príhoda, Vása
b 22.08.1900 Vodnany
d 26.07.1960 Vienna



Rachlin, Julian
b ??.??.1974 Vilna

V ex Carrodus 1742 Guarn. d. G.

Rachlin's instrument - the ex Carrodus - is a loan of the Austrian National Bank.


Repin, Vadim
b 31.08.1971 Novosibirsk

V ? 1720 Strad., A.
V Ruby 1708 Strad., A.

The Ruby is owned by Mary Galvin and is lent by the Stradivari Society of Chicago. Formerly, from 1985 to 1989, Repin was using the Stradivari dated 1720, which was said to have belonged to Henrik Wieniawski. It was lent from the USSR national collection but he had to return it when he moved to Germany in 1989.


Ricci, Ruggiero
b 24.07.1918 San Francisco

V - 1774 Storioni, Lorenzo
V Constable 1731 Bergonzi, Carlo
V De Beriot 1744 Guarn. d. G.
V Duc de Camposelice 1734 Guarn. d. G.
V Ernst 1709 Strad., A.
V Gibson 1734 Guarn. d. G.
V ex Joachim 1714 Strad., A.
V Lafont 1735 Guarn. d. G.
V Monasterio 1719 Strad., A.
V Ole Bull 1677 Strad., A.
V Plowden 1735 Guarn. d. G.
V Rode 1722 Strad., A.
V ex Vieuxtemps 1739 Guarn. d. G.

Douglas Pudney: 'Amongst his collection of violins he - Ricci - especially favours a Guarneri which belonged to his ditinguished predecessor Bronislaw Huberman.' Recording:  Ruggiero Ricci Virtuoso Showpieces[136]
In a record of Decca titled "The Glory of Cremona" Ricci plays on the last 12 instruments listed here. Ricci on instruments: '...Generally speaking, the more output and resource an instrument has, the more difficult it is to handle. Ultimately, it is the player who must adapt himself to his violin if it is to respond to its best advantage.' Wurlitzer, Rembert:  The Glory of Cremona[192]


Roehn, Daniel
b ??.08.1979 Sweden

V ex Lobkowicz 1617 Amati, A. & G.

Lorentz Concerts:   Daniel Roehn[96]

  • Röhn, Andreas
  • Chumachenco, Ana - Musikhochschule Munich

Romberg, Bernhard
b 11.11.1767 Dinklage, Germany
d 13.08.1841 Hamburg
C Romberg 1711 Strad., A.

At the time Romberg and his cousin Andreas Romberg played in the Bonn Chapel they made friends with Beethoven and the Ries family. With Beethoven and Franz Ries the Rombergs formed a quartet. In 1782, when Germany was invaded by the French, Beethoven and Romberg escaped together working as kitchen boys on a Rhine river boat.
Romberg had a great influence on cello playing of his time as well as on several generations of pupils.

Campbell, Margaret:  The Great Cellists[21] p 61 - 65; Cello Heaven:    Bernhard Romberg[27]

  • Romberg, Anton - Munster
  • Schlick, Johan Konrad
  • Marteau, Franz


  • Kummer, Friedrich
  • Norblin, Pierre
  • Romberg, Cyprian
  • Prell, August
  • Press, Adolf
  • Wielhosrsky, Mathieu

Rosand, Aaron
b 15.03.1927 Hammond

V Kochanski 1741 Guarn. d. G.

Rosand on his Kochanski Guarneri del Gesú dated 1741: 'With the first notes I played on this magical instrument, I lost my heart. Every time I visited Wurlitzer's, I spent a couple of hours practicing on the 'Kochanski' My dream was, one day, to own this violin which was superior to any other I had experienced, both in tonal quality and aesthetic appearance'. Rosand, Aaron:  Going nuts about 'del Gesú'[144]


Rose, Leonard
b 27.07.1918 Washington
d 16.10.1984 Cronton-Hudson
C - 1662 Amati, Nicolá



Rostal, Max
b 07.08.1905 Teschen

V Charles Reade 1733 Guarn. d. G.
V Max Rostal 1697 Strad., A.

Paris, Alain:  Klassische Musik im 20. Jahrhundert[120] p 672; Henley, William:  Antonio Stradivari - His Life and Instruments[74]


Rostropovich, Mstislav
b 27.03.1927 Baku

C Duport 1711 Strad., A.

On the sound of instruments Rostropovich says: 'Modern music requires different sounds - often a harsher sound for the cello to rise above the orchestra. My Stradivary is incredibly bautiful, but as a performer I don't always need a beautiful sound and use modern instruments where appropriate'. Talbot, Joanne:  Shaping a century[168]

Dedicated works:
  • Penderecki, Krzysztof:Concerto for Cello and Orchestra (1982)

Roth, Linus
b 31.05.1977 Ravensburg

V Dancla 1703 Strad., A.

Roth plays the Dancla 1703 Strad on loan from the Landesbank Baden-Württemberg. He is winner of numerous prizes:

  • "Jugend Musiziert" in 1992 (1st prize)
  • "International Violin Competition Novosibirsk" in 1995 (1st prize)
  • Music Competition Budapest "Joseph Szigeti" in 1997 (2nd prize)
  • "Music Forum - Young Classic World" Award in 1999

Since 1998 he is scholarship holder of the Anne-Sophie Mutter Circle of Friends Foundation.

Kurpfälzisches Kammerorchester:  Web Site:[88]

  • Chumachenco, Nicolas - Musikhochschule Freiburg i. Br.
  • Bron, Zakhar - Lübeck (1993 - 1999)
  • Chumachenco, Ana - Musikhochschule Zürich

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