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Ma, Yo-Yo
b 07.10.1955 Paris

C - 1722 Goffriller
C - ? Montagnana, Domenico
C Davidoff 1712 Strad., A.

Paris, Alain:  Klassische Musik im 20. Jahrhundert[120] p 484

  • Scholz, János - Julliard School of Nusic New York
  • Rose, Leonard - Julliard School of Nusic New York

Maisky, Mischa
b 10.01.1948 Riga

C - 1720 Montagnana, Domenico

Paris, Alain:  Klassische Musik im 20. Jahrhundert[120] p 491

  • Rostropovich, Mstisla - Conservatoire Moscow

Markevitch, Dimitry
b 16.03.1923 La Tour-de-Peilz

C - 1839 Lété
C Markevitch 1709 Strad., A.

On his Strad Markevitch says: 'I performed all the Bach suites on it in Carnegie Hall. However, I sold it in 1972. It was painful to do because I would have liked to have kept it in the family, but I wasn't happy with it. I don't like Strads for the simple reason that they always have a "Strad" sound. I prefer to create my own sound. I play a French cello now, a Lété from 1839, a docile instrument that sounds well wherever I play.' Rooney, Dennis:   Mastering Bach[143]

  • Eisenberg, Maurice - Ecole Normale Paris
  • Piatigorsky, Gregor - Paris and USA
  • Boulanger, Nadia Juliette - Paris

Marsick, Martin
b 09.03.1848 Jupille
d 21.10.1924 Paris
V - ? Maggini
V Marsick 1705 Strad., A.

Paris, Alain:  Klassische Musik im 20. Jahrhundert[120] p 501

  • Mr. Marsick - his father
  • Léonard, Hubert - Royal Brussels Conservatoire


  • Flesch, Carl
  • Thibaud, Jacques
  • Enescu, George
Dedicated works:
  • Saint-Saëns, Camille:Violin Sonata No. 1

Marteau, Henri
b 31.03.1874 Reims
d 03.10.1934 Lichtenberg
V - ? Maggini
V ex Marteau 1709 Strad., A.
V ex Marteau 1731 Guarn. d. G.

  • Bünzli
  • Léonard, Hubert - Paris
  • Garcin, Jules - Paris Conservatoire
  • Molique, Bernhard - Paris
  • Joachim, Joseph - Berlin
Dedicated works:
  • Reger, Max:Violin Concerto

Martzy, Johanna
b 26.10.1924 Timisoara
d 13.08.1979 Zurich
V - ? Guarneri, Pietro
V - 1733 Bergonzi, Carlo
V Hubermann, ex Kreisler 1733 Strad., A.

The Pietro Guarneri, which was formerly owned by Carl Flesch, was lent her by the amateur violinist and collector Daniel Tschudi. Potter, Tully:  Captivating queen of violinists - Johanna Martzy[127]


May, Angelica

b 17.09.1933 Stuttgart

C - 1689 Guarneri

Paris, Alain:  Klassische Musik im 20. Jahrhundert[120] p 513

  • Hoelscher, Ludwig - Musikhochschule Stuttgart
  • Reichardt, Walter - Musikhochschule Stuttgart
  • Casals, Pablo - Zermatt and Prades (1954 - 55)

Meneses, Antonio
b 23.08.1957 Recife

C - ? Goffriller

Paris, Alain:  Klassische Musik im 20. Jahrhundert[120] p 520

  • Janigro, Antonio - Düsseldorf and Stuttgart

Menuhin, Lord Yehudi
b 22.04.1916 New York
d 12.03.1999 Berlin
V - ???? Guadagnini
V - ???? Grancino
V Lord Wilton 1742 Guarn. d. G.
V Prince Khevenhüller 1733 Strad., A.
V Soil 1714 Strad., A.

The Khevenhüller was formerly owned by Joseph Böhm, Joseph Joachim's violin teacher. Paris, Alain:  Lexikon der Interpreten klassischer Musik im 20. Jahrhundert[119], p 481. It was presented to Menuhin by Mr. Henry Goldman an wealthy and generous friend of music.
Menuhin, Yehudi:  Unvollendete Reise - Lebenserinnerungen[103] p 103


Meyers, Anne-Akiko
b ??.??.1970 San Diego CA, USA

V ex Muntz 1736 Guarn. d. G.

Ms. Meyers plays on the ex Muntz on loan from Nippon Music Foundation. Unknown:  Concert Notes Anne-Akiko Meyers[187]


b 25.10.1971 Osaka

V ex David 1735 Guarn. d. G.
V Jupiter 1722 Strad., A.

Her name is Goto Mi Dori. Paris, Alain:  Klassische Musik im 20. Jahrhundert[120] p 530


Milanollo, Teresa
b ??.??.1827 Savigliano
d ??.??.1904 Paris
V - ???? Unknown

Grünberg, Max:  Meister der Violine[65]


Milanová, Stoika
b 05.08.1945 Plovdiv

V - 1737 Guarn. d. G.



Milstein, Nathan
b 18.12.1904 Odessa

V Dancla 1703 Strad., A.
V ex Dancla 1710 Strad., A.
V ex Goldmann 1716 Strad., A.

Milstein renamed the ex Goldmann in Marie-Therèse which is the name of his wife and of his daughter.


Mintz, Shlomo
b 30.10.1957 Moscow

V - 1752 Guadagnini



Moerk, Truls
b 25.04.1961 Bergen

C - 1723 Montagnana, Domenico

Paris, Alain:  Lexikon der Interpreten klassischer Musik im 20. Jahrhundert[119], p 536

  • Helmerson, Franz
  • Schakowskaya, Natalie
  • Schiff, Heinrich

Morini, Erica
b 05.01.1904 Trieste
d 03.11.1995 New York
V - 1860-70 Guadagnini
V Davidoff 1727 Strad., A.

Ms. Morini's Stradivari the Davidoff has disappeared. It was probably stolen shortly before her death. Her friend Erica Bradford, who discovered the theft while checking Ms. Morini's appartment, states: 'There was nothing in Erica's life that meant more than the "Davidov".' Ms. Morini dead without becoming aware of the theft. Potter, Tully:  Connoisseur's Choice[124]
Named after the Russian cellist the Davidoff had been missed for a long time, until Ms. Morini's father found it in a Paris shop 1924. Henley, William:  Antonio Stradivari - His Life and Instruments[74], p 78


Müller-Schott, Daniel
b 02.11.1976 Munich

C - 1725 Goffriller
C - 1986 Vatelot, Etienne

The Vatelot instrument was given to Müller-Schott on loan of the Anne-Sophie Mutter Circle of Friends Foundation.

Müller-Schott, Daniel:     Daniel Müller-Schott - Violoncello[109]; Mathias Vogt Artists' Management:    Artist Biography - Daniel Müller-Schott, Violoncello[102]; Mutter, Anne-Sophie:    Anne-Sophie Mutter Circle of Friends (Recipients)[108]

  • Nothas, Walter - Munich
  • Isserlis, Steven - England
  • Schiff, Heinrich - Salzburg and Vienna
  • Helmerson, Frans - Cologne
  • Rostropovich, Mstislav
  • Geringas, David

Mullova, Viktoria
b 27.11.1959 Moscow

V - ? Strad., A.
V Falk 1723 Strad., A.

Ms. Mullova left her first Strad in Helsinki when she came to the West.

  • Bronin, Wolodar - Moscow Central Music School (1969 - 78)
  • Kogan, Leonid B. - Moscow Conservatoire

Mutter, Anne-Sophie
b 29.06.1963 Rheinfelden

V - 1755 Gagliano, N.
V Emiliani 1703 Strad., A.
V Lord Dunraven 1710 Strad., A.

Anne-Sophie Mutter acquired the Emiliani in 1979, the Lord Dunraven in 1984. About the later one she says: 'Bein & Fushi brought it to Zurich. I only had to play on it for two or three minutes in order to say to myself: "Whatever it takes, I must have this instrument". ...' Rooney, Dennis D.:   Illuminating Focus[142]
'Which of your Stradivari have you selected for the sonatas?' asked Georges Gad Ms. Mutter having in mind the Beethoven Sonatas. She answered: 'The "Lord Dunraven" from 1710. I bought it a dozen years ago. My first, the "Emiliani", is superb, but is missing a certain dimension. It sounds superb, but that's all. It has no stridency. It lacks unbridled power. I need this harshness for the eruptive moments of the Beethoven sonatas. One needs it for Brahms, Sibelius and contemporary works'.Mutter, Anne-Sophie:    Beethoven face to face 1998 (Interview)[107]

  • Honigberger, Erna
  • Stucki-Piraccini, Aida - Winterthur Conservatoire
Dedicated works:
  • Currier, Sebastian: "Aftersong"
  • Dutilleux, Henri: "Sur le même accord" - Nocturne for violin and orchestra
  • Hitt, Jett: Yellowstone for Violin and Orchestra
  • Lutoslawski, Witold: Partita for Violin and Orchestra
  • Moret, Norbert: "En Réve" (1988) Concerto for Violin and Chamber Orchestra
  • Penderecki, Krzysztof: "Metamorphosen (1992-95)" Concerto for Violin and Orchestra No. 2
  • Penderecki, Krzysztof: "Sonata for Violin and Pianoforte No. 2
  • Previn, Andre: "Tango, Song and Dance"
  • Previn, Andre: Violin Concerto
  • Rihm, Wolfgang: "Time Chant" Music for Violin and Orchestra
  • Rihm, Wolfgang: "Phantom und Eskapade" Fantasy for Violin and Piano


Nachèz, Tivador
b 01.05.1859 Budapest
d 29.05.1930 Lausanne

Nachèz was born as Theodore Naschitz.
Alain Paris states he died in Lausanne, Doring in London.
Doring, Ernest N.:   How Many Strads? - Our Heritage from the Master[42] p 53; Paris, Alain:  Klassische Musik im 20. Jahrhundert[120] p 552; Grünberg, Max:  Meister der Violine[65] p 200

  • Sabatil, Jos. - Budapest
  • Joachim, Joseph - Berlin Musikhochschule
  • Léonard, Hubert - Paris

Nelsova, Zara
b 24.12.1924 Winnipeg

C Marquis de Corberon 1726 Strad., A.

Ms. Nelsova was loaned this instrument by the RAM. Wallace, Helen:  The Singing Museum[188]


Neruda-Norman, Wilma

b 21.03.1839 Brünn, Moravia
d 15.04.1911 Berlin
V Ernst 1709 Strad., A.

Collingwood, Frances:  Madame Neruda-Norman (Lady Hallé) 1839-1911[31]


Neveu, Ginette
b 11.08.1919 Paris
d 28.10.1949 Azore Islands
V ? 1730 Strad., A.

Ginette Neveu was a pupil of Carl Flesch. Her last concert took place on October 20th 1949. A week later she died, together with her brother and piano acompanist, in an airplane accident. It is said her Strad was found damaged but not destroyed clasped in her arms.Paris, Alain:  Lexikon der Interpreten klassischer Musik im 20. Jahrhundert[119] p 514; Wechsberg, Joseph:  Zauber der Geige (orig. The Glory of the Violin)[189] p. 307

  • Ms. Neveu (her mother)
  • Talluel, Line
  • Enescu, George
  • Boucherit, Jules - Paris Conservatoire
  • Boulanger, Nadia
  • Flesch, Carl
Dedicated works:
  • Poulenc, Francis:Sonata for Violin and Piano

Newman, Philip
b 12.05.1904 Manchester
d 23.11.1966 Majorca
V ex Vieuxtemps 1741 Guarn. d. G.

Roland, Cheniston K:    Philip Newman[140]


Odnopossov, Ricardo
b 24.02.1914 Buenos Aires

V - 1735 Guarneri

Paris, Alain:  Klassische Musik im 20. Jahrhundert[120]

  • Klasse, Aaron - Buenos Aires (1919- 1926)
  • Deman, Rudolf (1927 - 1928)
  • Flesch, Carl - Berlin (1928 - 1932)


  • Sivó, Josef
Dedicated works:
  • Berger, Theodor:Violin Concerto
  • Mognone, Francisco:Variationen über ein Brasilianisches Thema

Oistrakh, David
b 17.09.1908 Odessa
d 24.10.1974 Amsterdam
V Admiral Kasyerinov 1699 Strad., A.
V Cannone 1742 Guarn. d. G.
V Conte di Fontana 1702 Strad., A.
V Iussopov 1736 Strad., A.
V Malakov 1713 Strad., A.
V Marsick 1705 Strad., A.
V Oistrakh ? Strad., A.
V ex Polyakin 1712 Strad., A.
V Serge Shahovsky 1707 Strad., A.
V USSR 1717 Strad., A.

Oistrakh played the Conte de Fontana for about 10 years before trading it for the Marsick 1966, which he owned until his death. The Oistrakh, a present of the Queen Elizabeht of Belgium, was stolen from the Glinka Museum for Music and Culture in June, 1996. The Admiral Kasyerinov, the Serge Shahovsky, the ex Polyakin and the Malakov are owned by the USSR State Collection, to which Oistrakh had access. The Shahovsky belonged to Prof. Nalbandian in Moscow. You find these and more details in Altman, Dan:   David Oistrakh and Stradivari Violins[2].

  • Stoljarski, Pjotr S.


  • Sushanskaya, Rimma
  • Kremer, Gidon

Oleg, Raphaël
b 08.09.1959 Paris

V - 1987 Fustier, J.

Fustier made this instrument specially for Oleg.


Oliveira, Elmar
b ??.??.????

V - 1993 Curtin & Alf
V Oliveira 1692 Strad., A.
V Stretton 1726 Guarn. d. G.

Bein & Fushi:  The Miracle Makers[11] p 74; Hargrave, Roger:  Amati Stradivari & Guarneri - The Libray of Congress Violins[69] p 30


Olof, Theo
b 05.05.1924 Bonn

V - 1797 Pique, F.-L.

Paris, Alain:  Klassische Musik im 20. Jahrhundert[120] p 572


Ozim, Igor
b 09.05.1931 Ljubljana

V - 1773 Montagnana, Domenico


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