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David, Ferdinand
b ??.??.1810 Hamburg
d 1873 Switzerland
V David 1742 Guarn. d. G.
V Payne, ex Ferdinand David 1730 Guarn. d. G.

David was born in Mendelssohn's birth house. Grünberg, Max:  Meister der Violine[65] p 82. and Booklet of the recording:  Nadja Salerno-Sonnenberg[16]

Dedicated works:
  • Mendelssohn:Concerto in E minor, OP. 64 for Viol. and Orch.
  • Schumann, Robert:Sonata for Viol. and Piano in D minor op. 121

Doktor, Paul
b 28.03.1919 Vienna
d 21.06.1989 New York
Va - 16?? Guarneri



Dumay, Augustin
b 17.01.1949 Paris

V - 1721 Strad., A.

According to Alain Paris in Klassische Musik im 20. Jahrhundert Dumay's 1721 Strad was formerly owned by Kreisler. However, no evidence can be found in Doring, Ernest N.:   How Many Strads? - Our Heritage from the Master[42] nor Goodkind, Herbert K.:  Violin Iconography of Antonio Stradivari[61] indicating Kreisler's ownership of a 1721 Strad.

Paris, Alain:  Klassische Musik im 20. Jahrhundert[120] p 214; Roeseler, Albrecht:  Große Geiger unseres Jahrhunderts[139] p 412

  • Charmy, Roland - Paris Conservatoire
  • Milstein, Nathan
  • Grumiaux, Arthur - Belgium (1962 - 1967)

Dushkin, Samuel
b 13.12.1891 Suwalki
d 24.06.1976 New York
V - 1739 Guarn. d. G.
V Dushkin 1701 Strad., A.
V Dushkin, Bellarosa 1707 Strad., A.

Stravinsky dedicated Dushkin his Violin Concerto. Allthough the manuscript has no dedication, it contains the following note signed by the composer: 'Cette oeuvre a été créé sous ma direction le 23 octobre 1931 au concert du rundfunk de Berlin par Samuel Dushkin auquel je garde une reconnaissance profonde et une grande admiration pour la valeur hautement artistique de son jeu'. Griffiths, Paul:  A Medium Both Traditionl and Domestic[63]; Karallus, Manfred:   Stravisnky - Concerto En Ré for Violin and Orchestra[86]

  • Auer, Leopold - New York
  • Kreisler, Fritz - Paris
Dedicated works:
  • Stravinsky, Igor:Concerto in Ré for Violin and Orchestra


Edinger, Christiane
b 20.03.1945 Potsdam

V - 1623 Amati

Christiane Edinger is the daughter of pianist Gerhard Puchelt (1914 - 1987).

Chadwick, Evelyn:  Birth of a concerto[28]; Paris, Alain:  Klassische Musik im 20. Jahrhundert[120] p 221; Depas, Mireille:  Mails from Mireille Depas, Belgium, dated 05., 06. and 10.05.2002 (unpublished)[34]

  • Brero, Vittorio - Musikakademie Berlin
  • Milstein, Nathan - Julliard School of Music in New York
  • Fuchs, Joseph - Julliard School of Music in New York

Eldridge, Alison

b ??.??.????

C - ? Peresson, S.

Ms. Alison plays on the Peresson instrument which was formerly owned by Jacqueline du Pré. Du Pré, Rollo:  Mail to José Sánchez (unpublished).[43]


Elman, Mischa
b 08.01.1891 Talnoj
d 05.04.1967 New York
V - ? Strad., A.
V Madame Récamier 1717 Strad., A.
V Samazeuilh 1735 Strad., A.
V ex Vidoudez 1703 Strad., A.

Bongartz:  50. Auktion - Catalog Nov.  9, 1998.[14], p 31


Emiliani, Cesare
b ??.??.1805
d ??.??.1887
V Emiliani 1703 Strad., A.
V ex Emiliani 1723 Strad., A.
V Plowden 1709 Strad., A.

Emiliani was a virtuoso of Bologna who lived some years in London. Henley, William:  Antonio Stradivari - His Life and Instruments[74] p 41


Enescu, George
b 07.08.1881 Liveni-Virnav
d 04.05.1955 Paris
V - ? Strad., A.
V - ? Guarneri
V - ? Koll

Paris, Alain:  Klassische Musik im 20. Jahrhundert[120] p 225

  • Hellmesberger, Joseph jr. - Vienna
  • Fuchs, Joseph -Vienna
  • Marsick, Martin - Paris Conservatoire

Ernst, Heinrich Wilhelm

b ??.??.????

V Ernst 1709 Strad., A.



Estournet, Jean
b 28.06.1944 Paris

V - 1620 Maggini

Paris, Alain:  Klassische Musik im 20. Jahrhundert[120] p 233

  • Asselin, André - Paris Conservatoire


Fachiri, Adila
b 26.02.1886 Budapest
d 15.12.1962 Florence
V - 1715 Strad., A.
V ex Joachim-Aranyi 1715 Strad., A.

Adila Fachiri, born von Aranyi (later d'Arayni), was a grand-niece of Joseph Joachim and the sister of Jelly d'Aranyi. Holst's Double Concerto is dedicated to both sisters. Ms. Fachiri was presented this instrument by Joachim. Potter, Tully:   Jelly d'Arányi - A Profile by Tully Potter[123]

  • Hubay, Jenö - Budapest Conservatory
  • Joachim, Joseph - Berlin
Dedicated works:
  • Holst, Gustav:Double Concerto

Faust, Isabelle
b ??.??.1972 Esslingen

V Sleeping Beauty 1720 Strad., A.

Ms. Faust on the Sleeping Beauty: 'I fell in love with it the first moment I saw and played it. Its wonderful, pure, warm, sparkling sound touched me right in the centre of my heart.'

The Strad:  Faust and the Sleeping Beauty: barons, a  castle and a violin[181]

Fedeli, Matteo
b 03.07.1972 Milano

V - 1625 Maggini, Giovanni Paolo
V - 1711 Strad., A.
V - 1713 Strad., A.
V - 1713 Strad., Francesco
V Da Vinci 1712 Strad., A.
V Maurin, Rubinoff 1731 Strad., A.

Maestro Fedeli is since 1995 first violinist of the Accademia Concertante d'Archi in Milano. He is also its founding partner and since 1990 advisor. About the instruments he has played he says: 'The sound qualities are of the highest quality, providing a beautiful tonality and a rich harmonic range. I did not have the owners' permission to set up all the violins to my own playing style, however, where I was able to, in close collaboration with my personal violin maker, we were able to produce some truly stunning results: classic Stradivarian clarity and sound, and absolute purity of tone.'
Prono, Marina:  eMail to José Sánchez-Penzo dated April 27, 2006 (unpublished).[131]

  • Patrignani, Luciano - `Giuseppe Verdi`Conservatory in Milano

Ferras, Christian
b 17.06.1933 Le Touquet
d 14.09.1982 Paris
V Milanollo 1728 Strad., A.
V Präsident 1721 Strad., A.

Paris, Alain:  Klassische Musik im 20. Jahrhundert[120] p 243

  • Ferras` father
  • Bistesi, Charles - Nice Conservatoire
  • Benedetti, René - Paris Conservatoire
  • Calvet, Joseph - Paris Conservatoire
  • Enescu, George (1949)

Feuermann, Emanuel
b 22.11.1902 Kolmyja
d 25.05.1942 New York
C De Munck 1730 Strad., A.



Fischer, Julia
b 15.06.1983 Munich

V - 1728 Guarn. d. G.
V - 1750 Guadagnini, G. B.
V Booth 1716 Strad., A.

  • Thelen, Helge
  • Dubrowskaya, Lydia - Leopold Mozart Conservatory Augsburg
  • Chumachenco, Ana - Musikhochschule in Munich

Fleming, Amaryllis
b 10.12.1925 ???
d 27.07.1999 ???
C - ???? Guarneri
C - 1717 Strad., A.
C - 1610 Amati

Potter, Tully:  Living to the full[129]


Flesch, Carl
b 09.10.1873 Wieselburg (Moson)
d 15.11.1944 Lucerne
V - ? Goffriller
V - ? Storioni
V Brancaccio 1725 Strad., A.
V ex Flesch 1745 Guadagnini, Lorenzo
V ex Flesch 1757 Guarn., Pietro (II)

In his memoirs Flesch writes on the Brancaccio: 'I played this instrument until 1931, and I partly owe to it my reputation as an artist, I got since my 33rd birthday.'
The actual name of Wieselburg is Mosonmagyaróvár.
Paris, Alain:  Klassische Musik im 20. Jahrhundert[120] p 253; Flesch, Carl:  Erinnerungen eines Geigers[55]; Rebling, Kathinka:  Carl Flesch: Die Hohe Schule des Fingersatzes[135]

  • Back, Adolf - Vienna (1883 - 1885)
  • Maxintsak, Josef - Vienna Conservatoire
  • Grün, Jakob M. - Vienna Conservatoire
  • Marsick, Martin - Paris Conservatoire (1890 - 1894)


  • Calame, Blaise
  • Gimpel. Bronislav
  • Goldberg, Szymon
  • Haendel, Ida
  • Hassid, Josef
  • Honigberger, Erna
  • Juda, Jo
  • Lichinsky
  • Moodie, Alma
  • Neveu, Ginette
  • Odnopossoff, Ricardo
  • Rössner
  • Romano
  • Rostal, Max
  • Schneeberger
  • Straumann
  • Stucki, Aida
  • Stucki, Jürg
  • Szerynk, Henryk
  • Temianka, Henri
  • Thoman
  • Totenberg, Roman
  • Wolfsthal, Josef
  • Zilzer, Ibolyka

Fodor, Eugene
b 05.03.1950 Turkey Creek (Col.)

V - 1736 Guarn. d. G.



Fontanarosa, Patrice
b 04.09.1942 Paris

V - 1727 Guarn. d. G.
V - ? Vuillaume

Paris, Alain:  Klassische Musik im 20. Jahrhundert[120] p 256

  • Talluel, Line - Paris Conservatoire
  • Pasquier, Pierre - Paris Conservatoire
  • Calvet, Joseph - Paris Conservatoire

Fournier, Pierre
b 24.06.1906 Pris
d 08.01.1986 Geneva
C - 1722 Goffriller
C - ? Miremont

Paris, Alain:  Klassische Musik im 20. Jahrhundert[120] p 260

  • Bazelaire, Paul - Paris Conservatoire
  • Hekking, Andre - Paris Conservatoire

Francescatti, Zino
b 09.08.1902 Marseille
d 16.09.1991 La Ciotat
V Hart 1727 Strad., A.

Francescatti sold his Stradivarius Hart, he owned since 1942, for founding the International Violin Contest in Aix-en-Provence. Paris, Alain:  Lexikon der Interpreten klassischer Musik im 20. Jahrhundert[119]


Fukai, Hirofumi
b 10.02.1942 Saitama

Va - 1722 Gagliano, A.


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